Sculpture Collections

Nineteen pieces of sculpture are placed in the gardens throughout the Park.  All the pieces were donated to the Association. Some were donated in memory of loved ones.


The Park was dedicated, in part, to the Enever’s son Peter. His image has overlooked the pond in the Park since it opened, and is a perfect backdrop to any setting. The piece was created and donated to the Park by Hill Blackett, Jr in 1998 .

The Turtle

The turtle is one of the main pieces of art in the Park. It was created by Mary Zimmerman and donated to the Park by Ann Murtha. It is located at the edge of the pond near the Green.

The Swan

The Trumpeter Swan flies low over the water in the pond and is sometimes missed because you have to look through the grass. It was created by John Simms and donated by the Steamboat Springs Arts Council.


Wings, also known as the little boy with an airplane, stands on the edge of The Green and is a favorite of children. He was created by Jim Price and donated by Denny and Joy Swanson.


Buddha sits in the Buddhist Garden behind the reflecting pond. It was donated by the Buddhist Community. Buddha recently went missing from the Park. Please return the sculpture to the Park if you see it in town.


Nammu, or the bear, is in the hidden garden. It was created by Sharon Spencer and donated by the George and Louise Thornton Charitable Trust.