Garden Collection

The Botanic Park is home to 63 individual gardens.  Each garden is in a unique setting with its own slope, sun exposure, soil chemistry, trees, shrubs, and irrigation pattern determining what will, and will not, grow well. Every garden is an experiment.  The gardens contain mostly perennial plants with annuals in only a few gardens. Here is a sampling of some the gardens.

Members Rock Garden

Planted in 1997 with help from the Denver Botanic Garden, this is the largest garden in the Park.  It gets full sun, but large rocks and gravel trap moisture to permit many interesting rock plants to grow.

Penstemon Garden

The most newly renovated garden, the Penstemon Garden features the largest genus of flowering plants native to North America, organized in zones.  There are 273 species, of which 60 are native to Colorado. This may be the world’s only garden devoted exclusively to penstemons.

Fairy Garden

The Fairy Garden is home to individual fairy houses created by local children in the annual Fairy Garden House Contest.  Miniature plants and fun artifacts delight both the young and old.

Children’s Garden

Features a covered amphitheater, a play table called Stumpyland, a play house, and a tipi covered in hops.  Here children to use their imaginations explore nature.

High Country Native’s Garden

This garden as thickets of native shrubs and plants from the surrounding mountains and is left to grow fairly wild.  

Pioneer Garden

Features plants that the early settlers brought across the prairies.  Look for Hollyhocks, Foxgloves, Lilies, and Lupine.

Windigo Garden

The Windigo Garden was established in 2000 in memory of Nathan Robert Hertzog by his family and friends. The garden was designed by Nathan’s aunt and includes native perennials, shrubs and Aspen trees.  Originally the garden was in full sun, but now with the growth of the Aspens, it has become more of a shade garden. Lupinus perennis, Wild Lupine, Perideridia gairdneri, Yampa, and Eryngium amethystinum, Amethyst Sea Holly are just a few of the plants in this garden.

Jeff’s Garden

Jeff’s Garden was built by Jeff Morehead next to his home, adjacent to the Park. Jeff hardscaped the area with lichen covered volcanic rock brought in from his family’s ranch in western Colorado. Many of the plants in Jeff’s Garden were given to him by the Denver Botanic Gardens, friends, and visitors to the Park.  Jeff’s Garden has grown over the years with two new crevice gardens, tufa rock, and vegetable beds.  The garden is a visitor favorite with its lush plantings of native and specialty plants from around the world.  Some highlights include a Taraxacum kok-saghyz, Russian pink dandelion, Eremurus, Foxtail Lilies, and Paeonia mlokosewitschil, Molly the Witch Peony.